Friday, May 8, 2015

Setting 47 - #Memories

From @AshishSingh:

"While walking through the corridors of India Habit Centre, I peeped into a hall which was full of memories. Memories that were given form of paintings and could be seen from Rainer Maria Rilke's eyes. Those memories could also be read in the notes of Haruki Murakami. There was loss, there were people, there were landscapes which I must have seen while driving towards Utrecht from Amsterdam.
It has been a day, and I am still fond of those memories."

From @ek_cuttingchai:

He sipped and put down his glass of whisky, a scotch with two cubes of ice and a smoky coffee aroma that filled the air. Leaving today after 29 yrs into building this empire, which most corporates can only dream about, brought him to mixed feelings of distraught, content.

This room is where he enjoyed his favourite drink; parties, meetings, deals, awards and may be still might, every time he has his whisky. 

From @Shraddha_G:
“Meet me once,” she said to her five-year-old crush and hung up the phone.

The previous night she had ‘drunk-WhatsApped’ him and confessed her feelings for him. She never really knew how he felt for her. He did like her but she feared he might never reciprocate. She thought the meeting would either be the last paragraph of an old chapter which would be a memory or beginning of a new chapter in her life.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Setting 46 - 'Madness'

From @ Kshitij:

Scientists' arguments not in favor of the existence of extra-terrestrial life are hogwash for a random man. He claims that their arguments that other planets not possessing water which is the building block for life is a biased opinion springing from the fact that since they are humans filled with a humanistic ego, they assume that other creatures have to be like humans to survive, when in fact creatures could actually be surviving or feeding on sulphuric acid. Well, the authorities are trying to label him a lunatic now owing to his madness, but I agree with him, since truth is stranger than fiction, and considering it absolute; as absolute madness.

From @pratik1357:

In madness one was, in madness one is,
Madness it seems, is now one's bliss
One's mad perhaps, perhaps he is not...
Has no clue, to answers he sought
Calm one remains, like "normal" as expected
his mind fights within, that he always suspected
Realization dawns, that being mad, isnt bad...
Against his world, he just follows a different fad.

From @Shraddha_G:
“Madness for your country is what really defines you as a person; you need to be passionate about your country...”
Around ten cadets were listening to the Captain.
“The time has come to show the world, that you can fight till your last breath!!
Don’t spare our enemies... come on now... Jump and glide like an eagle…”
“Hey..!!! Get back to ur psychiatric ward u retarded military ass. This is a terrace. Not some fighter plane!”
From @ek_cuttingchai:

His pale eyes staring small on the sketch of a 30 square canvas. A short starry sky painted by night, actually under jet lamps. The sky is aquamarine, the water is royal blue, the ground is mauve. Town; blue and purple. Streets yellow; the reflections are russet gold descending down to brutal contrast green-bronze. 'Starry Night Over the Rhone' stands testimony in Paris to a madness; to a man; to an artist; Vincent Van Gogh.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Setting 45 - 'Laughs'

From @ItsNerdvana:

Faded jeans, flip flops and unkempt hair; the band of boys sat in the corner calling the prof names who chucked them from class. “I bet even his wife denies him at night.” The trio laughed, and soon chai, Pink Floyd and laughter took over the table.

Today, 22 years hence as he sits by the corner table of the G.E.C Canteen, his heart longs for those hysterical laughs which once surrounded his cutting chai.
From @dbijal:

Moments like these make me feel nostalgic. I was stepping into my school after 10 years. Best friends, worst enemies, silly break-ups and immediate make-up.
Jokes on professors, talks about peers, life without worrying and sleeping without studying.
The same atmosphere is created today at our 10 years reunion. Tears in eyes and stomach hurts after laughing so hard, thinking of behavior during school days.

Child's laugh and childhood memories always brings a smile.
From @Shraddha_G
“Kid, never make fun of anyone’s imperfectness; it may land you in serious trouble.”

‘But why dad, she laughed when teacher beat me for not doing homework...!

How dare she, she is fat, she is ugly, I feel like breaking her teeth!!! ’

“Hey hold on… son! Don’t hate her so much.

You never know you may someday end up being her husband..!”

He says looking depressingly at his wife. Two-teeth broken, fat and ugly.
From @ek_cuttingchai:
Satya was shocked at being surrounded by 3 goons in this dark alley. The only thing that worried him more than the 4 million rupees bag he carried was the fact that the love of his life vidya was with him in this quandary.
He uttered, "Let her go and I will give the money without a fight." 
With a hysterical laughter on the moonless night, Vidya kissed Malik and whispered, "kill him, honey."

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Setting 44 - 'Coffee'

From @dbijal:

All you need to know about coffee.

Drink it with love, drink it with one you love. Hot or cold, with ice cream best sold. Have it in morning or night. Friends get together or a lone sight.

Students exam partner, workaholics life partner. You can hate it but can't ignore it. Star of most popular hangouts be it for work or pleasure. The most common drink to start friendship with. synonymous with breaks.

From @vidoooo:

Dear Filter coffee,
What would I ever do without you. You're sexy, refreshing, addictive and flavourful all at the same time.
You make me believe that the day lying ahead is gonna be amazing.
You share my joys and make me smile more.
You make me feel alive on a dull day. You make me happy and light when I'm low.
I love you so so so much ! I'm so very grateful to have found you. Thank you for loving me so much.
Yours always,

From @Shraddha_G:
“Go fast… no one is attending that tea-coffee counter, the event is about to start and theres a guest already…”

She ran as fast as she could.

She stood behind the counter, nervous, first day at work, intimidated by the foreigner guest.

“A cup of Coffee please!”

She wasn’t really sure which metal urn to use.

“Tastes like spiced milk tea??!” he said befuddled,

“No sir, its Indian coffee sir..!” (Tensed smile)

From @ek_cuttingchai:

Endless nights he had toiled away in his teenage for the best academics, had now been replaced these endless nights on the new product launch. This was the stuff he had dreamt about, yet today he din't feel happy or content. what is he doing, why? where is he going? Is this the meaning of life? The last gulp of coffee ended with pondering, so did his last thoughts. Saurav died of heart attack at 35.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Setting 43 - 'Mirror'

From @ek_cuttingchai:

Dodging the swooning bullets around the darker rocks of the Konkan ports, the now famous gangster had laughed at his favourite game for over last two decades. Adventure spirit; one hand holding power, made him the don of the gold smuggling business.

Tonight, he smashed his glass of single malt whiskey and ice rocks shattering the honest pieces of silicates. His only son was shot dead.

He did not like the man in the mirror anymore.

From @ Keira Trager:

Im driving home' i know ill be alone again tonight.This thought made my heart tingled but just as i enter the door all i do is switch on the lights and my room becomes glamorously alive. There's nothing quite like the hearth of a fireplace to make me feel at home and feel the profusion of the color persimmon. I feel better.I walk through the glass wall and see my reflection. I see myself differently.It feels nice.I feel good. Im happy. I smile and my attitude towards every situation are the MIRRORS of my mind.